2018-19 Standing Committees


Committee Description

Community Connection
Chair – Louisville This Committee selects a project each quarter in which to participate where the Chapter can contribute time, energy and resources toward improving our community.  Committee members will choose at least two hands-on projects (one in Louisville and one in Lexington) for the Chapter to participate in and will be responsible for evaluating all projects submitted to them to determine the Chapter’s involvement.  The Committee will promote and encourage participation in all projects selected.  The BP Committee will line up event sponsors.
This Committee should maintain communication with the BP Chair/Committee to coordinate participation of these sponsors.Please remember to include the Silver BPs on all communications to the membership about projects. Their logo should be shown on any sponsored project and communication.
Chair – Lexington Kim Meadows
Allison Saxton
Chair Beth Mattingly This Committee is responsible for planning the Spring Retreat.  They obtain a budget from the Board, select the location, plan and coordinate the Thursday and Friday event, select speakers, arrange entertainment, meal planning, prepare snack/gift bags for each attendee, etc., create brochure and send out invitations.  The BP Committee will line up event sponsors.  This Committee should maintain communication with the BP Chair and Committee to coordinate participation of these sponsors.
Past Chair Diane Smith
Holiday Party
Chair Patricia Baugh This Committee is in charge of planning the 2018 Holiday Party the 2nd Thursday in December.  They will receive a budget from the Board, choose the location and menu, any door prizes, table decorations, gift bag or party favors for attendees, and select a charity in Lexington and Louisville to collect donations for in lieu of a gift exchange among members. They will send out invitations.   Purchase gift cards for the President to give to the Committee Chairs for 2018 and twenty year member awards and/or gifts. This Committee can begin planning in mid-to late-August to reserve a desired location mutually convenient to both Louisville and Lexington members. The BP Committee will line-up event sponsors. This Committee should maintain communication with the BP Committee to coordinate participation of these sponsors.
Co-Chair Kim Meadows
Jane Spiegel
New Members
Chair – Immediate Past President Toni Weaver This Committee meets to brainstorm ways to recruit and bring new members to the monthly meetings. The committee will be proactive by inviting potential new members to chapter meetings, BP events and other Chapter-hosted events.  The Committee should be creative in developing a recruitment plan to encourage membership in ALA.  Once a person has joined, the committee will develop a mentoring program to welcome and encourage new members to become involved.
JaNae Martin
Business Partners
Chair Joni Pardue This Committee will plan the Business Partner Expo held each year.  This Committee is responsible for creating new sponsorship packets, sending invitations to the Expo, recruiting BPs to participate in Chapter activities, assuring all BPs receive the benefits of their sponsorship level, maintaining contact with existing and potential BPs, and maintaining communication with BPs throughout the year.  The BP Committee will line up event sponsors and advise Committee Chairs of these sponsors.  This Committee will also plan and coordinate a Business Partner Appreciation cocktail hour in September to thank Business Partners for their continued sponsorship.  The prior year’s Chair will always remain on the Committee to assist the current Chair.  To maintain continuity, a Co-Chair will be named to chair the event for the following year. The Committee will work within a budget provided by the Board.
Past Chair Colby Blair
Chair – VP/President Elect JaNae Martin This Committee is always chaired by the VP/President-Elect.  The Committee will meet to plan and identify speakers for the following year, January to December, to ensure each monthly meeting has a speaker that will provide educational value to our Chapter.  The Committee is available to assist the Retreat Committee in obtaining speakers for the Spring Retreat.

Please remember to schedule the Silver BPs for monthly luncheons.

Chair Hillary Dabney This Committee reviews and recommends updates for the Chapter’s website.  This Committee is also responsible for generating a quarterly newsletter to be distributed to the members and BPs.


  • Committee Chair term is one year. January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020.
  • Committees should meet or have a conference call once a month beginning in February.
  • Past Chairs will meet with the new Chair to turnover information and to assist the new Chair. Each Committee will receive ongoing guidance and help from the Board and past committee members.
  • Members traveling to other cities for meetings, whether it be for Board purposes or Committee meetings, can request reimbursement for their mileage at the IRS Standard mileage reimbursement rate.